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Security from every angle

The number one priority of the Medeco Patriot lock system is customer security. This unique lock program was designed by Medeco to ensure security from every angle - key control, lock durability, and a U.L.-listed design which is virtually pickproof and drill resistant In addition, Patriot locks offer versatility by retrofitting nearly every door locking system on the market. You can upgrade your security system to Patriot level without the expense of replacing door hardware.
Image of cut-away cylinder
The Medeco Patriot is a unique lock program designed to give customers absolute control over their keys. Yet it also offers an easy and quick way to have keys duplicated. By using a customer key card, similar to a charge card, plus a direct link to the Medeco Patriot computer, your Patriot locksmith can dial up and verify customer records instantly. This means that all keys are accountable, and all key records are retrievable

Security at its Best !

1) You are provided with a Patriot key card when you purchase the lock. When you need a replacement key, you may go to any Patriot locksmith and, with your key card, request duplicate keys.
Image handing Patriot card to customer
2)The Patriot locksmith first verifies signatures and runs the card through a Medeco datacard machine, which is linked to the Medeco Patriot computer. The computer reads electronically- encoded information off the card, acknowledges the number of keys requested, and instantly provides authorization and key-cutting information to the locksmith.
Image card being scanned
3) The information will automatically be updated. Now, stored in Medeco's Patriot computer, will be the quantity of keys cut the date, and the name and location of the locksmith. This is your audit trail, and can be requested any time you need it directly from Medeco.
Image Computer Terminal
4) Once keys have been approved and cut a receipt is electronically issued and signed by you. If you lose your card, it can be instantly voided and replaced with another. The invalidated card cannot be used to obtain Medeco key duplicates.
Image of authorization form

Convenience and security:

Instant record access, instant verification, and instant key-cutting service.

A nationwide Medeco Patriot network:

Any locksmith on our nationwide network of Patriot locksmiths can service your needs immediately.


An audit report gives you security records of date, place, dealer name and number of keys cut This report can be obtained from Medeco at any time you request. This report provides information on all keys cut since the time you purchased your lock.
Image of audit report printout