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Get Two Decades Of Key Control Experience In Every KeyMark™ Lock.

The potential for theft from your building by use of unauthorized keys is staggering. Just think of all the people who have keys, from cleaning people to disgruntled ex-employees. Then think of all the places where duplicate keys cam be made, from hardware stores to shoe repair shops.

Now, think of all you have to lose, from valuable equipment to invaluable proprietary information.

What passes for key control at other lock companies isn't good enough. You need the security you can only get from Medeco - the company that pioneered key control over 20 years ago.

Medeco has now developed a whole new system of affordable replacement cylinders with genuine, patented key control.

It's a system called KeyMark™ by Medeco®, and what distinguishes it from ordinary locks is its Security Leg™ keyway. This exclusive patent fives the key blank its unique shape and provides a higher level of security by protecting against unauthorized "copy keys" in your system.

We Approach Security From A Different Angle.

The Security Leg keyway exits the plug at a unique angle, giving you the confidence that other key blanks won't operate - or even fit into - these locks.

When Medeco builds a lock, it's built solid. KeyMark locks are solid brass for durability. And their available seven-pin cylinders, spooled tumbler pins, and angled keyway resist picking.

But well-made locks aren't all Medeco's known for. It's also known for tough enforcement of its patents. So when Medeco says you have true key control, it's not an empty claim, it's enforced.

The KeyMark lock system was designed to be the ultimate choice lock for the commercial/institutional market.. Has it fulfilled its potential?
Oh, yes. With flying colors.

KeyMark IC cylinder

KeyMark cylinders are designed to fit into virtually any door hardware you have. KeyMark is available in Best®-style interchangeable cores, plus conventional rim and mortise cylinders, and knob cylinders. No hardware change is necessary.

But, best of all, all these locks in your system can be accessed with just one key. One key can work all the different style locks required in you facility. Or all common areas. Or just one office. You decide. KeyMark makes it convenient and cost-effective.

No One Retrofits More Locks Than KeyMark. Except Medeco.

KeyMark cylinders will fit into the most common locks out there. Now you can replace Best®, Arrow®, Peaks®, Schlage®, Falcon®, Sargent®, Yale®, Russwin®, Corbin®, and most other lock brands with KeyMark cylinders and get true patented key control.

So, KeyMark gives you a full line of locks for virtually any door. To retrofit virtually and manufacturer's cylinders. With the option of having the whole building - or a number of buildings - operating with on key. And KeyMark is even more affordable because you gain control of your facility without having to change expensive hardware.

All with the experience and quality that you expect from Medeco.

Before you make a decision to change a building's locks, you have to be assured of several things.

Q. Is the product reliable?
A. KeyMark key control cylinders are made by Medeco, bringing two decades of experience to this exciting new product.

Q. Can I get dependable installation and service?
A. KeyMark cylinders are sold through KeyMark Service Centers, where you'll find security professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable.

Q. Can I afford this?
A. Glad you asked. You'll find KeyMark cylinders to be very price competitive with ordinary locks, while giving you the added advantages of patented key control, a secure keyway, and versatile master keying.

How Can KeyMark Help You? Find Out Today.

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KeyMark, find out why it's quickly getting a lock on the commercial/institutional retrofit market.

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Arrow® Best® Corbin® Falcon® LSDA Peaks®
Russwin® Sargent® Schlage® Weiser® Yale®

Arrow is a registered trademark of Arrow Lock Manufacturing Company, Best is a registered trademark of Best Lock Corporation, Corbin is a registered trademark of Corbin Russwin Inc., Falcon is a registered trademark of Falcon Lock Company, Inc., Peaks is a registered trademark of Kaba High Security Locks Corporation, Russwin is a registered trademark of Corbin Russwin Inc., Sargent is a registered trademark of Sargent Manufacturing Company, Schlage is a registered trademark of Schlage Lock Company, Weiser is a registered trademark of Masco Building Products Corp., Yale is a registered trademark of Yale Security Inc.